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#10 summer outdoor activities


Sunday June 05, 2016

Ten fun outdoor activities that are a must do during summer.

Weather circumstances force Dutch people to be indoorsy most of the year. Personally I am an all season girl, but weather complains are not unfamiliar to a lot of us. I do not blame people for complaining. For at least 6 months out of every year our beautiful country looks like a grey painting, where the painter forgot to add a little bit of color. By the time spring arrives, we literally go all out. There is no stopping us. Spring flowers, fresh air, blue skies and a sun that is finally smiling upon us, is a happiness cocktail I get addicted to every year. The taste is so good it keeps me craving for more. On top of that, the cocktail is served with so many outside activities I sometimes need a reminder I have a home. Since happiness is contagious and to give you some ideas I made a list of all the fun outdoor activities that are a must do during summer.

1. Festivals                                                             

Outdoor Activities1 

 2. Every type of food event

Outdoor Activities2

3. Outdoor/ rooftop movie nights                                      

Outdoor Activities3 

4. Floating parties

Outdoor Activities4

5. Sunset picnics

Outdoor Activities5

6. Beach days

Outdoor Activities6

7. Nothing beats a bike ride

Outdoor Activities7

8. Jump in every pool you can find

Outdoor Activities8

9. Roadtrip!

Outdoor Activities9

10. Go cultural
Outdoor Activities10

Be happy & with love,

Ilona & Ana

#10 foods that make you happy


Wednesday May 11, 2016

These are the ten foods in my diet that contribute to a happy healthy life

Happiness is the result of a healthy and balanced body and mind. A healthy diet is a shortcut to your joyous destination when the food that you consume is rich in vitamins, minerals and fatty acids. These types of food can lessen depression, anxiety and they give you a overall good feel. Some of the nutrients in your food that boost your mood are: calcium, magnesium, iron, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B6 and B12, zinc and so on. You can compare your body with a car. The better you take care of it and the better fuel you put in it, the better it drives.  So, if you want to feel happy eat foods that increase your serotonin level. To safe you some time figuring out all that technical stuff I have made a list of the foods that I eat regularly to stay in my happy flow.

#1 Raw cacao nibs: Chocolate, what's not to like! Raw chocolate contains magnesium, zinc, many vitamin B's and raises your serotonin level. You can add the cacao nibs to smoothies, healthy pancakes and muffins or sprinkle it on top of strawberries with yoghurt. If you start the morning with a party it will definitely last the whole day.

#2 Blueberries: I could write a whole article about the benefits of blueberries in terms of antioxidants and anti-aging, but let's just stick to the fact that they are as tasty as they are healthy!

#3 Avocados: They are a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin K, E, B6 and C amongst other things. Put them on a sandwich, add them to a salad or make a dip sauce of it.

#4 Coconut oil: You can use coconut oil for cooking but I use it for almost everything I can think of! It's my magical cure all. Use it as a hair mask, lip balm, moisturizer, or scrub. Make sure you use the organic virgin coconut oil to get all the health benefits.

#5 Almonds: No nuts no glory! Another miracle worker! Almonds reduce the risk of heart disease amongst other things, but my main reason to eat them is because they improve sleep quality. Almonds are rich in magnesium, a mineral essential for quality sleep.

#6 Hot lemon water: I always start my day with a cup of hot water in the morning to get my metabolism started. On occasion, I add lemon to it. That's not only good for your skin but it also gives you a vitamin C boost.

#6 Hemp oil: This is my latest invention. Actually, my mom convinced me to add this oil to my daily diet because of it's health benefits. I use it to maintain a healthy skin, but I also noticed my hair looks healthier since I started using it. Just add a tablespoon of hemp oil to a salad every now and then and you are good to go!

#7 Bananas: Like most gymjunkies I often carry around with a banana as a pre-workout snack. Turns out that our ordinary banana has many benefits. They contain tryptophan, that helps to regulate the mood.

#8 Quinoa: This grain is a hot item at the moment, because it's suppose to be very healthy. I am personally not an "every trend follower", but you can add it to a salad so easily that it's a trend not to ignore.

#9 Kiwis: This green delight may have been put in the corner by all the superfoods but never underestimate the power of this underdog! It's a vitamin wonder child, high in vitamins C and E.

#10 Spinach: I often use spinach as a base for my salads because you never know if the amount of iron inside this vegetable makes you indeed as strong as Popeye!

Be happy,



#10 ways to explore your hometown


Wednesday January 13, 2016

A few ideas how to further explore your hometown.

How well do you know your city or hometown? We all have our favorite hangout places. If anyone asks for directions we usually know the way, but how much do you really know about the place you live in? When visiting other countries we are spending time looking, tasting and discovering the beauty of that place. We are checking latest reviews and to-do lists, but when it comes to our home town we are generally very clueless about what it has to offer. Let's change all that!

After December's hustle and bustle, January usually gives little excitement in our lives. Its the perfect moment to do things we usually don't have time for. Here are a few ideas to help you to discover all there is to know, see and do in your place of residence.

1. Let’s start with an easy one. Visit three new potential hangout places. Look for unusual coffeehouses or new cafes where you can lounge for days on end.

2. Time for some fresh air. Instead of taking the same route to the store or to visit your friends take the 'sightseeing' route. Better yet, partake in an official walking tour with a tourist organization. Many cities offer free walking tours. Who knows what you will learn while taking a walk through town.

3. Today is all about looking up and around. Have you noticed all the interesting architectural structures? Get your camera ready and let’s go find remarkable graffiti, historical buildings or beautiful landmarks.

4. Check out your local paper for interesting events or upcoming concerts by local bands. Have you heard or read a review of museums or galleries but haven't got the chance to visit yet? This is the moment to do it.

5. We all notice statues and monuments when we visit an unknown place. What about the statue you pass by a dozen times on your way to the shops? Do you know who that bronze figure is? Any clue why it's there? Google it or ask someone who might know. You may be surprised to learn something new.

6. Speaking of learning, why not read up on your towns’ history? Go to the library or Google to your heart’s content. Learn more about the origin of your town, the historical figures whom lived in your region and so on.

7. Every place has an iconic landmark, city skyline, monument or traditional dish. Every tourist wants a picture of this particular place or meal. Now it's your turn to take that over the top cheesy selfie. Go ahead. You know you want to.

8. It is time to find those hidden gems. Ask your neighbors, friends, relative or coworkers what their favorite secret places are. The places the other tourists haven't discovered yet. A secret park, a little bistro with traditional foods, art house or shop that you can add to your own list of little hidden gems.

9. If anyone asks you where to go in your city you probably have a list of places you would recommend. How many of these places have you actually visited yourself? The mandatory fieldtrips in high school do NOT count. So what are you waiting for? Go check them out!

10. What is your favorite outdoor place in the city? Get yourself a warm beverage to go and spend an hour or two simply enjoying the atmosphere.

Have fun exploring your home base, send us your cheesy pictures or leave a comment below, we would love to hear about your adventures.

With love, Ana

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#10 (TH)INGS to dreambuilding


Wednesday December 09, 2015
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Ten techniques you can use to make your dreams come true.

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams"
~Eleonoor Roosevelt.
If you wish it, become it. Keep your dreams alive by dream
building on every occasion. To give you some inspiration we have made a
top ten list of all the (TH)INGS we do on a daily basis: 
- Scripting our dreams
- Pinning pictures on Pinteres
- Putting wishes in a wishjar
- Creating a vision board
- Dressing up for the occasion 
- Visualizing before falling a sleep
- Sticking Post- its on a wall
- Burning a candle
- Making a dream plan
- Playing a happiness music list
Be happy,